What kind of photos do I take?

I love food and I love to showcase in its best light, literally. 

I choose to focus on content photography for hospitality brands that can be used all over the social medias and websites. These shoots can be done much faster without compromising quality and you get a greater return on your investment. 

What's the difference between a content shoot vs an editorial food photography shoot?

Content shoots are not as extensive, expensive, lengthy or complicated. The photos are shot in high resolution and are delivered in both hi res and low res. High Res photos can be used on Websites and Low Res photos can be used on social media. While I do provide an alternative, quality is not sacrificed! It's just a different type of shoot. 

A full on food photography session can take up to days and are much more expensive due to time, equipment, licensing, printing and time spent editing. The results of these shoots can be rather beautiful, if you have the budget for it.

How long does it take?

Most shoots of mine take between 4-6 hours, depending on how many items are to be shot. 

How many photos do you get?

Most shoots of mine result between 100 and 200 photos, both in high res and low res and how organized your team is.

What is the process like?

I cannot say this often enough, it is VERY important that ALL team members on your end are informed and prepared for the day of the shoot. 

Prior to the date of the shoot, we discuss what look your are going for, if you have any particular shots in mind, how many items will be shot and so on to create an official shot list. 

Photoshoots must be done during daylight hours, this is because the best lighting is natural light! Of course, we bring additional lighting just in case but we 100% prefer sunlight to any other source. 

Photoshoots last between 4 - 6 hours, your team must be ready to accomodate this. We do not rush the shoot, we prefer to take our time with each item, refine it, touch it up, play around with lighting and angles. Each dish can take up to 30 minutes to shoot. 

Does the restaurant need to be empty or closed?

No, not at all! We're fairly good at working around our surroundings. However, we do recommend having us come in before opening so we can get a head start. All we need is a small area, some good lighting, a few outlets and a staff member to coordinate with.

How long does it take to get the photos back?

Photos are turned in between 7-10 days after the shoot. 

Can the venue be shot as well?

It can be, however this must be discussed at the beginning of the agreement. This is due to the amount of lighting needed, how big the rooms are, how big the whole venue is etc. We cannot accommodate venue shots without notice as we will not be able to guarantee quality.